Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wow. I suck.

Ahahah. I haven't even logged on since January. I even forgot my blogs name and had to go through like ten minutes of security to find it out again. oops. I'd just like to let you guys know That I hope on starting a legacy soon, and that sadly I doubt this challenge will continue. Possibly. We'll have to see. Meanwhile, enjoy this insanely adorable picture of Harry Styles. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Yes, I'm alive. And back.

Hey Guys! So as you could tell, after Halloween, my life became HECTIC. Since my friend still has yet to return my Sims game, I can only play on one computer, my grandmas. Since basketball started, I haven't had much time. I am still busy but I'm sure I can arrange time. Honestly, I also got a little uninterested, but that faze is over. I'd like to thank you if you  have had to patience to keep reading! 
I promise I'll try. 

Thanks Lots,

Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby 55 & 56- Happy Halloweeeeeeen.

I couldn't believe it, but my little baby #50 was already moving out. 
She was very beautiful and she and Mortimer got engaged and are currently going to Harvard together. 
Ezra grew up looking cute, I'm sure he'll get some little girlies. 
Next was Miles, who looks close to his brother, just with a different hair color. 
Baby Arianna grew up with long red hair. From where I have no idea. 
Lastly was little Ariel, who looks 50 like me and 50 like Kyle.
When the toddlers were in bed, I let Ezra and Miles go out to a party with their friends. They were int he "I'm too cool for a Halloween costume" stage. I also got ready for a party I received an invite to.  I died my hair dark brown and drank this formula from the science lab that turns my eyes green for a while. 


When I arrived, the first person I saw was Vanessa Wood, who was dressed up as Smurfette!
Then I saw Amber who dressed up as a secret spy, and Alyssa who was a vampire. 

Luna showed up with one of her friend boys and Danielle joined us. 
I went up to Luna's new friend and introduced myself. 
"Luna, who is that guy?"
"Ummmm, I met him at a bar." Luna giggled. 
I took this opportunity to scare my friends. 

When we all piled inside the tiny home, Luna was the first to gasp, but it was soon followed by others.
ambe walked up to what she gasped at. 
Everyone started to freak out.

"GUYS!" I exclaimed, "Come on, it's probable just a decoration."
Luna's friend leaned towards me. 
"such babies," he laughed nervously. 
"Sure...." I laughed. "By the way, I'm Sky." I smiled. 
"Cinna," he smiled back. 

All of the sudden, the lights went out and it turned pretty dark. 
I gasped, feeling alittle scared. Some one was playing a Halloween joke, right?
Cinna stepped closer to me, I think he had a little crush. 
"Sky, Why don't we go and check upstairs?" he asked, and I just nodded barley. 

When we got up there, there was nothing but a dull bed. 
"I don't think there's anything up here......."
When I turned back around, Cinna was right there are he grabbed me. 
"Sky, look, I have some sort of problem. I'm a madman." Cinna whispered in my ear. "Now, why don't you let me be a father for two more of your many babies, and we'll say we got lost." He smiled creepily. 
"I... um, Cinna, look I don't think...."
"You'll have to do it before someone gets hurt." he whispered darkly. I gulped and gave in.
When Cinna was done, I just put my close back on and walked shakily back downstairs. Amber and Luna were there, and they had managed to open a window that let the full moon's light in. 
"What took you guys so long?" Luna asked, worried. 
"Oh, we got lost. I think we might have found the cable box but it was so rusty something fell off of it. We couldn't see anything." I answered her. She nodded. 
"Guys....." Luna said, sounding scared, "look over here. These weren't here before!" 
Eveyone looked over and gasped again. The room was creepily cold suddenly. 
Danielle walked up to Luna and observed the blood. 
"Who invited us anyway?" she asked the room. She was answered with silence.

Vanessa looke around. 
"Come one guys, you know I get scared easily." she said, sounding a little scared.
"I guess we'll have to do a little Nancy Drewing." Luna whispered.
"Come on, what if it'a a vampire?! I DON'T WANNA DIE!" Vanessa shrieked. 
"Gee, thanks." Alyssa chimed in from the corner.
"No, not you!" Vanessa said laughing nervously. "I mean the mean ones." she whispered. 
"come on guys," I laughed along. "Why don't we just leave?" I asked. 
When I turned around, Cinna was there looking creepily at me. 
"Get away from me." I said, and he smiled wider. 
"Going  anywhere?" he asked.
"Yeah, I'm leaving." I answered.

I heard a loud thump, and Vanessa called my name, but just as I turned around, everything went black.
The next thing I knew, I felt hard stones against my back. Cold air lightly blew against my arm.
I slowly and groggily got up from where I was laying and shook my head. The air felt heavy with a moisture, as I if i were far below ground. I think that feeling just comes from a bad hangover, or....... what happened last night?
When I looked ahead, I saw some kind of stone altar thing. When did I buy that? And since when did we install air conditioning in the fall?!
I shrugged, and I turned towards the fridge and stove. Just looking at them made my stomach growl..... or was that a hungry feeling? yeah, it was. 
I looked in the corner to spot a toilet, When did this get here?! And where was my La Roux towels? whatever. 
I then registered the fact that there were stairs, which were the only way out of here. 
I began walking up them, and my heels made a clicking as they hit the cold metal, and it seemed to echo in the stillness of the small rooms. 
When I got up there, I saw and old record player and an old T.V. 
In the corner there was a pile of junk, but there was something creepy to them all. 
Then I noticed another staircase. 
Right after that, I registered the bloody hand prints dragging against the wall. And the fact a ginormous boulder was in my way. I'm too hungry to fight it now. wait, fight it? Oh jeez, I need food.

I went back down the stairs to get something from the fridge. 
I found just enough items to make some sort of salad. 
Then my stomach started turning again,
And I felt so terrible I had to run for the toilet. 
Then, i could eat some food. 
As I let the food settle in, some of the fogginess in my brain started to go away. 
The T.V was old and only stayed on one channel, the horror channel. I just shivered and shut it off.
Since I was thinking clearly again, well a little bit. I decided to just climb over the rock. I started to hear thumping above me, though. 
I started to walk up the stairs. 
I climbed up about two stories to get to the top, and when I got there, I heard a dark laugh and the last thing I saw was to high heels. 
Then everything was dark again. 
This time I woke up, i was shivering. It was really cold out. 
As I sat up I looked around and recognized my own porch. Then I saw the newspaper. It was dated November 1st.

*um..... My coma key just broke. XD*
I examined the front page and the title in big ink shouted: "Halloween parties turned bad?"
I tried to remember last night but all I got was a blank. I shrugged and threw away the paper.
I brushed it off and went to go attend m girls. I'm glad the babysitter was so dedicated.
When my stomach felt very nauseous I took a break to go clean m self up.
Just when I had put on new clothes and put my hair down; I felt queasy again.

It was around noon when I got back to my girls and even then something was tagging at the back of my mind.

"Arianna." i sing-songed. "Should I go over to Kyles? I think I should."
I mainly talked to myself. I finally called the babysitter and then grabbed my keys.

When I got there Kyle invited me in and I could smell that he had attmepted cooking not to long ago.
"Hungry?" I asked him teasingly. 
"Starving." he replied. I just laughed and twirl my car keys around my finger. We headed off to the Bristo.

When we got there we said we'd take anything he cook suggested. I guess he suggested some cat food for me.
"Kyle were you with me last night?" I asked him. He gave me a raised eyebrow.
"No I wasn't." he said stiffly. "Why do you ask?"
"I just.... I can't remember and I have had this weird feeling about it since the paper headlines and.. these darn tattoos won't come off!" I said almost panicked. He gave me a look.
"The newspaper headlines scared you?" he asked curiously. I nodded.
"Yeah it said 'Halloween parties gone bad?' Doesn't that sound strange?" I asked. He shook his head. 
"Well I don't know what paper you get bu mine announced the kindergarten Parade yesterday." he said.
"What?!" I asked confused. "I don't get it...."
"Don't worry about it."
"Why not?"
"Because I said so." Kyle had suddenly looked around and ate faster. "Why don't we get you home?" he asked.
When we got home Kyle made sure I was comfortable on the couch and he went to play around with the boys.

They did tear up my daisy garden but I guess they were having fun.

I decided that my headache was getting bigger and I headed off to bed.
I guess Kyle really didn't want me worrying because he stayed late and played with the little girls also.
When It was near dawn I got up early and decided to work out in the garden. I had no idea Kyle sayed the night.
"Are you okay Sky?" he asked me. He walked silently into the dirt borders and I sighed.
"I'm fine." I sighed again. I continued picking apples without turning around. He sighed behind me. 
"You look....." he began to say something. I just turned around and let out an exasperated breath.
"What? Hmm? What Do I look like Kyle?! Honestly with you mad at me half the time and when I can't remember what happened on Halloween night and with these stupid tattoos and I feel stressed and.. .I don't know. Okay? I don' know." I snapped at him. He looked down for a little.
"I was going to say .... Pregnant." he sighed. I gave him a shocked look and put my hands on my stomach. oh my god. That's what's wrong. I'm pregnant.   
"Kyle...." I stated.
"I'm going to go okay?" he asked sadly. "It's okay really. I know." he turned to go. 
"Wait. Come on kyle. I didn't know. ...I'm sorry." I felt the sting of tears and my voice racked. He turned back around with a sad look. 
"Oh Sky. I know." he sighed and hugged me for a couple minutes. He finally kissed the top of my head and turned to go.
I slowly walked back in my house and finished the needs of my little girls.
Upstairs my boys were perfectly content with the T.V.
I sighed and went to make sushi for one.
After words I spent a few hours working out and I really wanted this pregnancy to go fast.
When I was done I was still hungry for more food.
And I finished up teaching my baby girls their skills.

I left my girl playing blocks so I could catch up on  some sleep.
Alittle later I felt pains in my stomach.
I was going into labor again.

Welcome baby 55- Franette Greene

And baby 56- Matilda Greene

I'm sorry that the Halloween post is late! I promise I'm working on it! 
Thank you guys out there reading my posts! It means alot! I do not mean to be copying any other baby challenge, and If I am feel free to tell me. Also, feel free to Add me on facebook, (I accept anyone) Here and if you would like to gift the Greens or add me on the official website, do so here.
Also if you would like, I would love name requests.

How Long I've worked on this.....

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